Waist Trainer

Waist Trainer

The trick to waist training is YOU HAVE TO WEAR IT! 
Grab some fashion measuring tape and measure the largest part of your stomach(waist). *Breathe out so that your stomach is fully relaxed before measuring*
Once you know your size you will need to order the trainer that is 2 sizes down from the size that your waist measured at!
For example: If your waist measures at 38" you will need to order a size 34" trainer.
There are absolutely NO REFUNDS. Simply because a waist trainer is so personal it's like an undergarment therefore it is not sanitary to use on more than one person.
Workout in it, Eat in it, Live in it!
CAUTION::: We do not recommend sleeping in it as it may affect your breathing.
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    No Refunds. Measure around your waist meaning measure around the largest area of your stomach, usually right under your navel.

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