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1.  Perform a breast self-examination once a month. If you find any abnormalities, consult your doctor immediately.  Early detection is vital to successful treatment.

2.  Drink 8 glasses of pure water daily.  The best water filtering system is reverse osmosis.  Water stored in plastic contains contaminants.

3.  Eliminate all foods with additives, preservatives, artificial colorings and chemicals. Read labels.

4.  To increase oxygen in your environment decorate with plants.  In highly polluted areas, use an air filter. Breathe deeply, exhaling through the nose. Aerobic exercise and yoga elevates oxygen in our cells. This is essential to good health.

5.  Chew food thoroughly and eat slowly, in a relaxed atmosphere. Smaller portions improve digestion while increasing the absorption of nutrients from  organic food.

6.  Minimize over the counter and prescription drugs. Substitute herbs whenever possible. Drugs clog the liver and have adverse effects on hormone detoxification.

7.  Avoid constipation, without the use of over the counter laxatives, which can be dangerous. “In almost every case of breast cancer, a history of constipation can be demonstrated.” (Pelton) Plenty of water, fiber, fruit, and exercise are very helpful. Magnesium citrate helps stimulate peristalsis in the colon. If you must use a laxative, use an herbal one but only occasionally. If constipation is chronic and/or you want to expedite detoxification, consult INFINITY HEALTH AND WELLNESS CENTER.

8.  Exercise regularly. Women who exercise aerobically four hours a week have less disease and stress. Exercise, especially jumping on a trampoline, stimulates the movement of lymph thus facilitating drainage in the breast. Move your arms, swim, dance, walk, and do calisthenics.

9.  Do not wear tight bras with under wires. Take your bra off whenever you can. Bras cut off the lymph drainage allowing breast to experience longer exposure to toxins.

10.  Wear natural fabrics. The skin is your largest organ of elimination and detoxification. Natural fabrics allow the skin to breathe. Avoid dry-cleaning whenever possible. Carcinogenic chemicals from dry cleaning can enter your system through your skin. If you must dry clean, air out garments before wearing.

11.  Do not use any harsh anti-perspirants, deodorants, soaps, detergents, lotion, make-up, hair dye, etc.  Every chemical you put on your skin enters your body, thus increasing detoxification requirements on your liver.

12.  Massage your breasts daily as massage stimulates blood flow and oxygen thus increasing lymphatic drainage.

13.  Dry brush your skin daily with a natural skin brush in a circular motion toward the heart, emphasizing the areas where lymph nodes are concentrated, neck, shoulders, underarms, inner thighs etc.  Skin brushing in the morning can be more energizing than coffee.

14.  Install a shower filter. Chlorine and other carcinogens found in tap water enter the body through the skin.

15.  Take saunas, steam baths, herbal baths and wraps, and have massages as often as possible. These assist detoxification.

16.  Avoid holding stress and resentment in your body. Find healthy ways to relax and express yourself to eliminate stress. Emotional and personality make-up are large factors in attaining wellness. Love of life, love for oneself, and deep connections to others help us make healthier choices. Expressing emotions, even ‘negative’ ones, are a part of wellness.

17.  Spirituality contributes to wellness. It means something different to each of us. It can be appreciation of our worth, uniqueness, and purpose. It can be to have faith, to love, to forgive, an/or to commune with nature.

18.  Make changes gradually, learn more about preventing disease and share this information. Remember that the more organically you eat, the healthier you and the earth will be.

19.  Take responsibility for your health and your body. Find a competent, alternative health-care provider that you trust.  

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