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"Get 15 Colon Hydrotherapy Sessions in 30 Days!  This process will clean your colon, making it easier for your body to assimilate nutrients.  This reduces hunger and increases metabolism. Colon Hydrotherapy also allows your body to digest food faster so that it will not turn into fat."

-Kevin Trudeau


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How many times should I get Colon Hydrotherapy?

That depends on your goals, your lifestyle, your state of health, your availability and your budget.  Keep in mind no one program fits all. Talk to us so we can help you design a colon hydrotherapy program to fit your goals.  Below is just a generalization.  As always, consult your health care provider as desired or before beginning any programs.

Colon Hydrotherapy for weight loss, detox, bowel habits, etc, just like exercise, works best with consistency. Benefits based on clients testimonials.

Those who actually use the therapy regularly all year long, never missing a month, are the ones who see the greatest benefits.  When should you stop using colon hydrotherapy? When you stop eating….when you stop breathing… is a good time to take a break from colon cleansing.

When is my colon fully cleaned out?   Chances are high that every morsel you eat and every breath you take, waste will form in your digestive system.  And while your body will purge the waste out of your system, there's always some residue that remains.  So, there's a strong probability that there will always be some waste matter throughout the colon despite our best cleansing efforts.  But, cleansing the colon periodically assists with maintaining as clean or a colon as possible.

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