What Colon Hydrotherapy System Will Be Used?

Colon irrigation can be administered on two types of systems, open and closed.  There are a number of companies that manufacture Colon Irrigation devices, but all system are either open or closed.  At Infinity Health and Wellness Center, we use the Colenz and the Water Lily.  Both are Open Systems.

For the most comfortable cleanse, the Colenz ® is top of the line.  It is a Class 1 non-prescription, FDA registered, client operated colon cleansing device.  This revolutionary colon cleanser is so easy to use and so comfortable and private! It includes the best  four phase water purification system available. The Colenz Colon Cleansing System is manufactured in Riverton, Utah, USA. All units are manufactured in Utah, USA.  It is an open gravity system.

What can the client expect?

The client will position themselves onto the therapy table, and gently insert a lubricated rectal nozzle into the rectum about 1.5 inches.  Then they will cover themselves with a drapesheet, and ring a bell.  The therapist will instruct them on how to start the water flow and will monitor them throughout the session.  There is no touching or massaging of the abdomen by the therapist.  It is not required.  The continuous flow of water induced by gravity serves to naturally push the water through the colon.  While the client is on the system they may elect to lie there and simply breathe, or, they may choose to help the water go as far into the colon as possible by holding the water in their colon until they feel the sensation to release the water, at which time they will push the water out of their colon. (This is basically the same thing that we do when we have a bowel movement).   We utilize the “open” colon hydrotherapy system affording the client total privacy.  The client is completely covered through out the entire process, thus their integrity is never compromised.  The procedure may be as relaxing as a massage: some clients listen to their ipods, read books, use their cell phones, doze off, or simply meditate.  The session takes about forty five minutes and afterwards the client may return to their normal activities.

Is this your very first Colon Cleanse? 

Prior to your very first colon hydrotherapy session we suggest that you do the following:

1. Hydrate your body by drinking plenty of water the day before or the day of your scheduled appointment.  Furthermore, it is important that you hydrate prior to every colon hydrotherapy session.

2. At least two hours prior to your first colon cleanse session, do not eat. No need to fast the entire day.  This act is optional during subsequent colon hydrotherapy sessions.

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Prior to each Colon Hydrotherapy appointment, please call or email or text if you are unable to keep your appointment.  We realize our schedules these days are hectic, we ask that you demonstrate courtesy and professionalism with a call.  Please visit our Cancellation Policy. 



As Certified Colon Hydrotherapists and members of the International Association of Colon Therapists, we offer the most current advances in lower bowel evacuation (colon hydrotherapy) in the Philadelphia area.

Our devices are state of the art and FDA registered.  All water used in the colon hydrotherapy system is sterilized using ultraviolet light and advanced filtration.  Our rectal nozzles are sterile and disposable, and our rooms are clean and relaxing.  We want you to be comfortable with colon hydrotherapy session, so rest assured that your modesty and integrity will never be compromised.

Our staff received their training at the acclaimed Awareness Institute For Wellness & Education in Marietta, Ga. and our center is modeled after the winner of the Best of Atlanta 2008 Creative Loafing colon hydrotherapy category, The Nile Wellness Center.

By choosing Infinity Health & Wellness Center for your colon hydrotherapy experience, you have the comfort of knowing that our well trained staff will be available to coach you through the colon hydrotherapy procedure.  We are there to answer any questions and will help to make your experience with colon hydrotherapy session very comfortable.  Whatever your health goals, we will assist you in obtaining your objectives. 

We offer information on colon hydrotherapy, nutrition, proper food combinations, and beneficial supplements.  It is our goal to educate you so that you may strive to obtain your health goals.