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​DID YOU KNOW 12 Colon Hydrotherapy Sessions Per Year May Help You To Achieve:
Benefits based on clients testimonials: 

Increased Energy​

Enhanced Mood​
Stronger Immune System​
Regular Bowel Movements​
Slimmer Waistline​
Weight & Bloat Loss​
Fight Disease​
and more

Are there any side effects to colon cleansing and does it truly help your health to do a detox?
Healing Facilitation Response: Detoxing is something our body was designed to do on a regular basis so it's not foreign to it. Even though there can be temporary cleanse side effects when detoxing the body, most do not experience detox symptoms that cause any serious problems.

However, when we eat junk foods, knot our gut with stress on a regular basis, don't drink enough water, etc... the colon has more of a load than it can handle. Cleansing can help restore healthy stool and normal eliminatory function.

That's when we need to detox and, depending on the amount of old waste the body has to release, there may be temporary detox symptoms which may include achy joints, flu-like symptoms and fatigue. These normally clear out within one to three days and are not exactly side effects from the cleanse products as much as side effects of waste and toxicity releasing from the body.

What causes colon toxicity?
Health care professionals agree that colon congestion most commonly results from:

  • Parasites

  • Toxic overload from unhealthy foods, refined foods, white flour products, refined sugar, too much red meat.

  • Eating on the run or under stress

  • Lack of good sleep

  • Lack of adequate fiber and water: nutrients the colon needs to eliminate sufficiently

This is why detoxing the body can sometimes bring out toxins thru the skin, resulting in temporary rashes or cause flu-like symptoms as the toxins release thru the eliminatory system.

What to expect when you do colon cleansing.

Healing Facilitation Response:
​I can never say for sure what a person's reaction to a cleanse will be. Also, I can never say for sure if a person should or should not cleanse, because I am not a doctor.
I can say that the multitude of testimonials from our clients who cleanse regularly state that it definitely makes them feel more healthy. Some have had some detox symptoms along the way, usually when doing a cleanse after a period of time when they had not been taking care of their selves or had been stressed more than normal.

Conversely, during times when they detoxed periodically, to keep toxins from building up, and was dealing with stress better, the detox was far less symptomatic.

Detox symptoms, and even a healing crisis during a cleanse typically lasts one to three days max. Most people have no detox symptoms at all.

To reduce the chances of detox side affects, greatly reduce or completely eliminate the following, as a really good start to a healthier colon: processed foods, fried foods, white flour products, refined sugar, etc. and upping your pure water intake & fiber intake.

In addition, and equally important, healthy bowel function can be greatly assisted by getting enough good, restful sleep, moderate exercise and using daily stress-busting techniques such as meditation or biofeedback. Foot reflexology is also just excellent for maintaining good bowel movements and healthy stool. I suggest getting a reflexology treatment weekly if constipation or other bowel problems exist.

Health Resource: Colon Cancer Alliance - Colon Cancer, also called colorectal cancer, is the second leading cause of death by cancer. Only lung cancer tops it. This organization has a lot of information, resources, and support for anyone dealing with colorectal cancer. Visit The Colon Alliance for more information.

Health Care Disclaimer: The information contained in this health care article about the possible side effects of detoxing is not intended to take the place of any needed medical attention. Any cleanse you might undertake, based on the contents found in this article is at your own risk.

It is not suggested that you begin a colon cleanse if you have any diagnosed bowel problem, before first checking with your doctor . Please consult with your chosen healthcare professional on matters relating to colon health and colon disorders. Detoxing the body is an alternative health care approach to colon toxicity and unhealthy stool and may or may not receive the blessing of your physician.

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