Before the Big Day

Give Special Care to the

lovely Body that wears the Dress!


To truly embrace love

Love your waistline,

Your skin,

Your Beauty.


From the Bride to the Maid of Honor,

to the Bridesmaids,

to the Bridal Party!


Gift your Bridal Party with a gift that keeps Giving.


A Day of relaxation and cleanse will bring the best out of this joyous celebration!


*Need to lose those few inches for the dress?


Trim down with our 45 minute Basic Colon Hydrotherapy Session!





*Want that Golden Glow of Happiness on the special day?


Indulge in our Deluxe Colon Hydrotherapy Session

where you pamper yourself with

a 60 minute colon hydrotherapy session, a 24 Karat Golden Collagen Mask applied to your face during the session, and an infrared sauna belt worn around your waist during the session!


Hello perfect size goal!





*Feeling the pressure of planning or need an idea for bride/bridesmaid gifts?


The Ultimate Detox Mellow Massage & Colon Hydrotherapy Session is the answer!

After receiving a 1 hr. Stay Mellow Detoxifying Massage Treatment and a 45 minute detoxing body cleanse through Colon Hydrotherapy

Feel free to happily

ENJOY your SPECIAL moment!


Or Call us to customize your experience at

(267) 338-9455

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