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vFit PLUS Overview

How to use vFit PLUS

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Let's face it.  After childbirth(s), after sexual experiences, medications, medical histories, and as we age, many of us experience vaginal looseness, incontinence, or loss of natural lubrication. Our mates may even complain.  We may not feel our partners penis as strongly as we once did.  We've tried creams, potions, lotions, cheap devices.  None works as permanently as we would like.  The $4,000 to $15,000 or more costs of vaginal rejuvenation procedures are either too steep for our pockets, or too risky for our comfort, or, we've tried it, but, it's not enough.  The vFit Plus at $495 is not cheap, but, for many of us it doesn't break the bank.  It's FDA approved and it works.  Use it regularly and use it in conjunction with good hygiene, diet, exercise, Kegel exercises, and vaginal steams.  


OB/GYN-designed, our patented combination of red-lights, gentle heat, and sonic technology will help you improve intimate wellness. When you choose the vFit PLUS(our professional model available exclusively through wellness centers), you are on your way to a more confident you.

  • Quick: Less then 12 minutes per day

  • Effective: 9 out of 10 experience results*

  • Fast: Noticeable benefits within 3 weeks*

  • Safe: Non-invasive and hormone-free

  • Easy: Use in privacy of your home


vFit PLUS is designated as Low-Risk General Wellness Products by the FDA.

* Individual Results may vary.

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