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Spartan Race participants also get a Spartan Medal and Spartan Race T-shirt!

Jumpstart your Weight Loss Workout!


The Spartan Race is a 3-Mile run with a handful of fun and exciting obstacles!  Join our team and you'll get a discounted colonic to pair with your training and the race!

What: A 3-mile run with exciting obstacles & a discounted cleansing
Where: Citizens Bank Park, Philadelphia PA
When: Saturday, September 28th at 3:15pm

  1. Click Here to redeem your 15% promotional Infinity Discount Code!

  2. You'll then be asked if you are by yourself or if you'd like to join a team.

  3. Join the Infinity Health & Wellness Team!

  4. Schedule your Session or Series NOW for your discounted colonic that is coupled with the Spartan Race. Use Promo Code SPARTAN10 for the $10 off your appointment between Sept 18th - Oct 8th

Our Team gets 15% off the Spartan Race!

Team Infinity Health and Wellness has a code to receive a 15% discount on the race!  Click the coupon below to redeem your discount code!

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