These are a collection of videos from Inifinity Health and Wellness' monthly seminars and videos we believe will keep you informed in the best ways to maintain you health inside and out.

This first installment of "Healthy Conversations" features Infinity Health & Wellness Center's very own Cheryl Tyler & Joel Williams discussing why it's important to #BudgetforYourHealth and why you shouldn't wait until the New Year to detox and begin taking care of yourself!

On this second installment of "Healthy Conversations" Cheryl and Joel discuss How to Prepare your mind and body for the "Eating Holidays"!!!

In this third installment of "Healthy Conversations" Cheryl and Joel discuss "How to Prepare your Body for Holiday Eating". They give you four tips on how to keep you from over-eating and gaining those holiday pounds.

How to overcome relationship stress without letting your health deteriorate. Cheryl Tyler and Joel Williams discuss how to deal with stressful relationships and still stay healthy.

In this installment of "Healthy Conversations" we discuss how being overly controlling in your relationships or in life can negatively affect your health.

In this installment of "Healthy Conversations" we discuss how often you should clean your colon and what exactly is coming out of you!

David Miller: Personal Fitness Trainer Gives insights on Health


Acne: Natural Remedies

Cheryl Tyler (owner, Infinity Health and Wellness Center) discusses her journey with fighting acne the natural way.

Maintain Your Temple


Maintain Your Temple pt. 2


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