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Contact Us at (267)338-9455 to schedule.


During your consultation we will discuss your health goals, weight loss goals, what you are currently doing to reach your goals, nutrition, budget, your level of seriousness & potential commitment, any family concerns or support, your schedule, your food prep & organization needs, any current health concerns or limitations, and the time frame within which you want to reach your health or weight goals. We will also discuss your willingness and/or capability of including fitness/exercise into your weight loss/weight management program.

Cleansing and Fat Burning Weight Loss Program (Includes Nutritional Counseling & Daily Support) :

Waste Loss = Weight Loss.  
The more waste you cleanse, the more weight you lose!



30-Day Weight Loss Package:   $368 ($40 savings*)


60-Day Weight Loss Package:  $728 ($90 savings*)


*Savings based on individually priced products and colon cleanse sessions, if purchased separately. 

*We can tailor a program to fit your budget and health goals.  Ask us about it. 


Lose weight through digestive system cleansing, colon cleansing, better nutrition absorption & fat burning.  Cleanse your way to weight loss. 



What you get:


1.  Basic Colon Hydrotherapy Sessions (1 per week; 4 sessions in 30 days)
2. 100% All Natural Green Coffee Bean Fat Burner Supplement 

3. 100% All Natural High Protein Fat Burner Meal Replacement Powder

4. 100% All Natural 30 Billion Microorganism Probiotic

5. 100% All Natural Digestive Enzyme Supplement

6. 100% All Natural Colon Cleanser

7. Nutrition & Diet Guidance & Support



All products are 100% vegan, all natural, gluten free, dairy fee, soy free, lactose free, no fillers, no artificial flavors or sweeteners, no preservatives, no GMO's. 


Take each supplement as per suggested on the package. 


Exercise increases weight loss potential. Exercise according to your normal routine & capacity.  


Follow a sensible, low calorie diet plan.  We offer nutritional guidance for best results. Ask us about it. 


Weight loss varies from person to person and from week to week. 


Plan includes at least one colon hydrotherapy session per week (ex: 4 during a 30-day package; 8 during 60-day package).  More sessions may be added at cost for optimal results.




  • Increased energy

  • Burn fat naturally  

  • Helps regulate your cortisol levels & manage stress related cravings

  • Naturally fills & satisfies hunger with RAW Organic Soluble & Insoluble Fiber 

  • Promotes healthy & comfortable digestion & elimination with live probiotics & enzymes.  

  • Probiotics, colon cleanser, & enzymes support better digestion which leads to faster weight loss

  • Proper nutritional absorption

  • Reduced bloat, & gas

  • Flatten the belly

  • Speed up metabolism

  • The body to store less fat


Rapid Weight Loss Using Colon Hydrotherapy Only (Includes Nutritional Counseling & Daily Support) :


 Six Colon Hydrotherapy Sessions within 6 days 

Six 45 minute sessions within 6 days for $276

Savings of $54 

Twelve Colon Hydrotherapy Sessions within 12 days

Twelve 45 minute sessions within 12 days for $528

Savings of $132

Fifteen Colon Hydrotherapy Sessions within 30 days

Fifteen 45 minute sessions within 15 days for $625

Savings of $200



23 Day Rapid Weight Loss Using HCG Sublingual Drops $139* (Includes Nutritional Counseling & Daily Support):

*Get $50 off any Colon Hydrotherapy Package of 6 or more with purchase of HCG Sublingual Drops. The Colon Hydrotherapy sessions are suggested to assist with weight loss during the HCG protocol.


*Get $20 off a 3-Pack Colon Hydrotherapy Package

Contact us at (267)-338-9455 to schedule a consultation and purchase.

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CONTACT US AT (267) 338-9455



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