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Infinity Health & Wellness: Meet the Staff

Ruth Davidson, Registered Nurse, & Colon Hydrotherapist at Infinity Health & Wellness Center. Ruth has worked as a RN in the traditional medical community for the past 38 years. Her years of experience in mental health formed her nurturing approach to caring for her patients. Through the diagnosis, suffering, hospitalization & subsequent recovery stints of her own gastrointestinal disorders, Ruth developed an intense knowledge of the medical approach to the digestive system. The inadequacies of the medical care she received inspired her development and acute awareness of digestive healing through holistic, naturalpath means. Ruth’s experiences with digestive illness and healing through colon hydrotherapy is a copious testimonial to its healing powers.

Infinity Health & Wellness Center

3502 Scotts Lane Phila. Pa. 19129 267-338-9455

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